Step UP! is a prosocial behavior and bystander intervention program that educates participants to be proactive in helping others. It received a NASPA Gold award and is identified as a ‘Best Practice’ by the NCAA Sports Science Institute of national and international scholars. It has also been distinguished as evidence based, the top classification. From higher education to Corporate America, it is considered to be the most versatile and comprehensive bystander intervention program available.

Most problematic behaviors involve bystanders. Step UP! training provides a framework explaining the bystander effect, reviews relevant research and teaches skills for intervening successfully using the 5 Decision Making Steps, the 5 Ds and the S.E.E.K. Model (Safe; Early; Effective; Kind). Teaching people about the barriers to helping as well as strategies, skills and the determinants of prosocial behavior makes them more likely to help in the future. Now more than ever leaders understand the importance of being an active bystander. The bottom line is many unfortunate incidents are preventable with intervention.

The goals of Step UP! are to:

  • Raise awareness of helping behaviors
  • Increase motivation to help
  • Learn strategies and develop skills and confidence when responding to problems or concerns
  • Ensure the safety and well-being of self and others

Step UP! Bystander Intervention Program Overview Video

It is our sincere hope that this training will help you learn strategies and techniques to intervene directly or indirectly in both emergency and non-emergency situations. In the training we discuss real-life situations/scenarios. Our goal is to generate open, honest and non-judgmental discussions about the material presented. This training is not meant to cover all possible scenarios or variables, nor is it meant to train you as a counselor. This is your program. You will determine its ultimate success as a collective community

We can all make a difference. Thank you for your interest in Step UP!

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact us.

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