Read Step UP! testimonials from students who have used and been impacted by the program and administrators who have implemented the program:

From Students

Step UP! has stayed with me over time and it changed my thinking. When I was faced with basic, everyday decisions it impacted how I handled them. It’s a great program that establishes the right thinking patterns — especially for freshmen — it sets them on the right track, it can realign their values and beliefs. It’s a great awareness program. — Male Student-Athlete, The University of Arizona

From the beginning the Step UP! presentation was more interesting than I had expected. I’ve never thought about being a bystander before and it’s true – we can make a difference! It certainly gave me a new perspective on different issues and there is a lot more to it than you hear about from your professors at the beginning of every semester.  It really was an informative presentation.  Female student-athlete, University of Arizona

Thank you so much for last week, honestly. The house was talking about it still as of Monday (which, any later date reference means something stuck in their heads). Of all of the programs we have seen and done as a house/individuals, this was by far the most user friendly and beneficial.  The fact that we felt we were involved in conversation and interaction as opposed to being lectured was very appreciated. Thanks again for everything and let me know if there is anything we can do to help you out in the future. – Lucky Scott, Fraternity Chapter President

After I completed my Step UP! training I found myself in an unfamiliar situation. One of my best friends was in a verbally abusive relationship. I recognized it was starting to affect other aspects of her life. This is when I chose to approach her about her relationship and see if she was okay. I was able to refer her to the Step UP! website and offer my assistance in finding her help with the situation. My Step UP! training helped me detect that my friend was not okay and allowed me to approach her in a way that would make her responsive and accepting of the help I offered. Step UP! gave me the skills and confidence I needed and taught me how to effectively handle the situation. — Female Student-Athlete, The University of Arizona

I never had the courage to try to step up and help [teammates] with their situations.  I was always afraid that I might make the situation worse or lose the friendship…so I didn’t do anything.  I know now that the next time I am put into a situation where I can help that I will intervene with confidence and knowledge.  Female Student-Athlete, The University of Virginia

From Administrators

Two classes of students participated in a class project to choose a bystander intervention program that would meet the needs of our campus.  We considered many but unanimously, Step UP! became our program of choice. The program offers a foundation that is evidence based, versatile, and  allows us to apply it to many different topics. It’s relatable, easy to present and easy to grasp. There is also a comprehensive guide, tips and support to help facilitate it. The interactive training materials are spot on, engaging and keep the interest of our students.  We have also recently created an entire class on it called “Perspectives”. Our Cougars are excited and can’t wait to take a deeper dive into Step UP! – Theresa Willey, Columbus State University

“I was totally floored when I saw the ‘Step UP!’ program on my campus for the first time – as I believe it fills a need for every one of today’s students.  The whole topic of responsibility, particularly personal responsibility, is critical to the development of today’s young minds.  This program is one of the best I have ever seen in that it really spoke to the students on their level, in terms they would understand and in situations to which they could definitely relate.” – Victor Boschini, Chancellor, TCU

The University of Arizona has created an amazing Bystander Intervention Program for students called Step UP! that addresses many high risk issues, including alcohol. Becky Bell is the creator and is awesome. I’ve had her come to San Diego State University and do some trainings with my students and peer educators. As a former student-athlete myself, I remember all the (awful) programming that we received. This is good stuff . . . all my students LOVE the bystander approach, and I think students find it extremely relevant and easy to implement. Lori Bednarchik, Health Educator, Adjunct Assistant Professor, San Diego State

At NYU we are constantly looking for new ways to influence behavior and are employing more and more evidence-based strategies and using a community action approach to health promotion. Rather than recreate the wheel, we have opted to implement the award-winning Step UP! program.  Not only are students engaged by how interactive it is, but it is also easily adaptable and applicable to a number of health-related situations. As facilitators we were walked through every step of the training and feel confident to now do the trainings ourselves. By equipping students with the skills necessary we hope to reduce the number of harmful incidents on campus and foster a safer, healthier community. – Courtney Stein, Director Health Promotions, NYU

Since many problematic behaviors happen in group settings, bystander intervention skill training is essential. What I like about Step UP! is the fact that it applies to many different situations. I believe one approach makes it more powerful and sustainable. As the creator of Step UP!, Becky presents this material so well, that the message and delivery in itself empowers individuals. In our audience were student‐athletes, Greeks, general students, as well as campus personnel. She also presented to the head coaches in Athletics and that presentation was equally well received. The presentation easily lends itself to follow up conversations and discussions in leadership groups, or chapter houses. Having Becky share this information with our student population has made a positive difference. I highly recommend the Step UP! program! Theresa Fagouri, Coordinator, Campus Alcohol and Drug Education Center, Chico State

When given the task of finding a bystander training program for our students, I immediately was excited to see this well-put-together curriculum. In Residential Life we use experiential education with all the methodology evidenced in this program. We are looking for a long-term initiative to bring this message and challenge to our campus and this is it. I love the flexibility of the materials and the resources and support available. I am excited to embark on my journey with Step UP!  Shelly Fickau, Director of Residential Life, Johns Hopkins University

Much of the research out there currently says bystander intervention is one of the best forms of prevention concerning violence prevention.  This training is amazing and I have used it with my peer educators as well as Greek students. They are very receptive to the information and really want to know more about it.  Jenny Rabas, Prevention Specialist – University of Central Missouri

Our team in Health Promotion & Preventive Services here at The University of Arizona Campus Health Service has been very impressed with the Step UP! program. It opens a dialog with students that says, “We can’t improve health and safety on this campus without your help.” Inspiring students with the skills that let them be the change they — and we all — want to see has great potential. We are looking forward to working with the Step UP! curriculum to deliver a comprehensive violence prevention program here at The University of Arizona. — David Salafsky, MPH, Campus Health Service, The University of Arizona

The Step UP! Program provides students with the conceptual framework and tools to make a positive difference by intervening in situations common to athletics teams (and other groups), including hazing, substance abuse, and personal health and well-being, where their influence can lead to a better outcome for those involved. The Step UP! Program would be a valuable addition to any institution’s programming, and the Pac-12 Conference supports this effort to enhance the leadership ability of our student-athletes Chris Dawson, Associate Commissioner (retired) – Olympic Sports and Student-Athlete Programs, Pacific-12 Conference

I was originally attracted to the Step UP! program because it includes research-based practices such as social norms clarification and skill building.  Because it is a “ready to go” program that includes PowerPoint slides, videos supplemental materials and facilitator manuals, we were able to implement the program very quickly. I encourage other prevention professionals to use this program — the price is unbeatable and the material is comprehensive and sound! — Amy Kiger, Office of Violence and Substance Abuse Prevention, University of Central Missouri

From Corporate America

The group had a lot of positive feedback about the training. We really appreciate you sharing this training with such great content and passion. 😊 – Kyle LaRue – Conservation Corps North Bay

Thank you for the incredible training session! The Aurora team and I learned a lot, and we really appreciated your enthusiasm and motivational facilitationEileen Xu – Aurora, Inc.

First of all, thank you for leading a great session last week – on more than one occasion I was moved to tears during the discussion. – Participant, Back Bay Life Sciences Advisors

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