Training and Presentations for Facilitators

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Training and Presentations

Step UP! offers the most versatile and complete Bystander Intervention program available. There is a foundational training as well as an advanced training available. Presentations will be personalized to meet your needs. If you are interested in bringing Step UP! to your campus or learning about other training options, please contact us.

 Step UP! Foundational Training

This award winning (NSAPA GOLD 2010), evidence based foundational Step UP! training educates participants on the concepts of bystander intervention. Many times campus leaders become aware of the extent of problems only after a crisis occurs and educational programs come ‘after the fact’.  Based on proven research and theories, Step UP! takes a comprehensive, proactive, and prevention based approach and examines the underlying human, social and environmental influences that cause people to be inactive bystanders, while providing strategies and techniques for effective intervention.  This training will give you the framework for implementing a successful bystander intervention program on your campus or within your organization. Teaching people about the determinants of prosocial behavior makes us more aware of why we sometimes don’t help and, as a result, we are more likely to help in the future. *Minimum training – 90 minutes

 Step UP! Beyond the Basics – Advanced Training

BEYOND THE BASICS includes everything in the foundational training and goes more in depth by incorporating systems thinking habits, tools and techniques, taking Step UP! and bystander intervention to a new level. In collaboration with The Waters Center for Systems Thinking, we take a holistic approach. We look at the big picture and the collective forces that impact behavior. By doing so, we can expand intervention efforts, improve culture and build community. Until and unless we understand where and how various parts of the system intersect and interrelate, singular acts of intervention will continue to make a difference, but ultimately be insufficient for the most impactful change. Learn how to make your programs better and systems stronger. *Minimum training – 2 hours.

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Conference Presentations

Access presentations from past Step UP! Bystander Intervention Program Facilitator Training national conferences on the Conference Presentations page.

Additional Scenarios

Additional scenarios by topic are available in the Resource Library. If you would like to submit a scenario to be considered for inclusion in Step UP! you can submit it to us at

Train the Trainer Webinars

This individualized session offers you the latest training and presents tips and best practices for facilitating the Step UP! training on your campus. A customized PPT will be made available for your use moving forward. Working with others on your campus or within your department is HIGHLY recommended for diversity of thought and expertise, as well as for momentum and sustainability.

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