How is Step UP! different?

Here are just a few ways that Step UP! is unique:

  1. Our research in early 2006 found that most of the bystander programming was focused mainly on sexual assault. Instead of focusing on one problem we developed Step UP! as a way to address any problematic situation. Step UP! is the first program to address this many topics in such a comprehensive way.
  2. Step UP! provides everything you need to get started – including the initial training materials as well as more in depth presentations on each of the topics. The downloadable Power Points can be modified for your own campus or organization.
  3. The training materials walk facilitators through the program with step by step instructions and talking points for every slide. You can do the program yourself!
  4. Step UP! introduces the S.E.E. (Safe; Early; Effective) Model to Bystander Intervention. It is critical to have the right approach to intervention and know HOW to intervene. There is much more information in Strategies for Effective Helping.
  5. The interactive program engages your audience with clickers and DATELINE videos to which only Step UP! has the exclusive rights .
  6. The Step UP! website has a Resource Library including worksheets and handouts on bystander intervention as well as specific topic information.
  7. Step UP! can be used by any group on campus – Athletics, Greeks, Campus Health, Dean of Students, Residence Life, etc. Create the power on your campus!
  8. Step UP! allows you to use the original pilot survey for your own group. With minimal effort you can modify the survey for your own population. It also offers you the post training evaluation survey (See the Facilitator’s Resource Library for more info.)
  9. Step UP! materials are free on this website or produced virtually at cost if you prefer hard copies of the guides.
  10. Step UP! is the proud recipient of the national NASPA Gold Award for Exellence.